Learn how Xervo can take care of the underlying infrastructure for you.

Infrastructure Management & Monitoring

Making sure your platform is running at peak performance is a job all on its own. Lucky for you, Xervo will handle this for you. The Xervo team will assume responsibility for managing, maintaining, and scaling the underlying infrastructure.

Xervo will install its own monitoring software and carefully track the performance and stability of each managed environment. In the event of infrastructure failures, Xervo will automatically replace the instances and migrate any running applications to new infrastructure.

Uptime Guarantee

Each managed install contains an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. If this SLA is breached then your account will be reimbursed for downtime.

Additional Supported Services

Xervo will also provide full managed support for services outside of application hosting and management. Included in the base managed contract at no additional cost is MongoDB and Redis.

Application Statistics

Xervo provides database, network, and application stats for every managed installation. These metrics allow your enterprise to keep track of how your applications are performing and get notified when something changes.

If you have any questions about managed support please let us know.

Technical Details


Capacity for projects is divided into resources called servos. Each servo represents a single instance of an application. There is no limit to the number of projects that can be hosted, as long as there is servo capacity to host them. For example, if the Xervo install contains 100 servos, there could be 100 projects each being served by a single servo.

Servo sizes are configurable and installations can contain multiple servo sizes to accommodate projects with different memory needs.

Servo Infrastructure

Servos are run on what Xervo calls "application hosts". Xervo carefully selects the appropriate hosts depending on the infrastructure provider selected.

Xervo automatically provisions application hosts to properly host the number of servos licensed.


Each managed Xervo install contains a single MongoDB instance at no additional cost. Additional database hosts must be licensed separately for replica sets or sharded clusters. Database host instance sizes can also be altered depending on application needs.

Support Providers

More to come. If you have a specific infrastructure provider you’d like us to support, contact us.