DevOps as a Service

Find out how Xervo can support your DevOps needs.

DevOps as a Service

Whether you’re a small startup or a full-bore enterprise the idea of DevOps is important. Bringing agility to your IT organization is not just nice to have, it’s a requirement to stay on the edge of innovation.

Xervo can help keep your company moving at the speed of light. If you’re a small organization let the Xervo team take the reins and drive your operations forward. If you’re a large enterprise Xervo will help drive the dexterity to push the organization.

The team at Xervo will help provide the best practices for building a robust DevOps team using the best software tools in the industry. Understand how architecting for rapidly changing micro services is an important trend.

Continuous Deployment

Automation is one of the most important principles of DevOps. The ability to deliver application updates with ease and accuracy is ever important. The Xervo platform makes the ability to continue delivery of applications simple.

Take advantage of integration with your favorite CI (Continuous Integration) tool through the Xervo API. This enables a full streamline process from the moment a developer commits code to the point where it’s running in several data centers around the world. All with a click of a button.

Infrastructure Management & Monitoring

Not only does Xervo handle the DevOps process with ease, the team also takes care of the underlying infrastructure that your applications are running on. Xervo will run, manage, scale, and monitor the servers anywhere you need them. Choose from dozens of infrastructure providers around the world.

Learn more on how Xervo will make sure your platform is in tip top shape, all the time.