Container Support

Learn how you can utilize containers in your company quickly and easily.


Xervo enables your enterprise to take advantage of containers to their fullest extent. If you’ve already adopted Docker into your organization or are planning to take advantage of containerization Xervo can help.

Learn more today about how Xervo can drive containerization adoption forward in your enterprise.

Docker Support

Xervo removes the need to install, manage, and scale your own Docker infrastructure. The Xervo platform enables you to go from a single container to thousands of containers across hundreds of servers located in the data centers of your choice. This is all done without adding anything new to your application layer. You can read even more about our Docker support.

Add Benefits to Docker

Xervo takes the best benefits of Docker and makes them better. The Xervo platform allows you to get all the advantages of Docker without worrying about setting it up. Xervo will help get your container environment set up for production in no time. The team has a ton of experience running containers in production.

Along with the experience to get your enterprise up and running quickly is the ability to securely manage and scale Docker. Any fast moving technology has to be monitored closely for any potential security issues and that’s exactly what the Xervo team does on a daily basis.

Once an application is running it’s imperative to understand the performance with analytics and monitoring. Out of the box Xervo provides deep integration to provide metrics on the containers running in the platform. Get notifications (SMS, email, webhooks) when something important happens with your application.

The Xervo platform also provides full logging support for containers running. This includes the ability to glance at them through the CLI (Command Line Tool) or dashboard. Support to download them or stream them in real-time is included.

Simple Customizable Environments

At Xervo we believe that you should be able to take advantage of containers without the headache of learning every inch of the technology. With this in mind we offer the ability to use Docker containers just by utilizing the Dockerfile standard to configure your individual environments. The Xervo platform is broken into a two-step deployment process that includes a build step and runtime step - you can read more about this in the docs. As a user you have the ability to define either of these environments.

However, if this method is not enough control you can bring fully baked Docker containers to the platform. This BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) mentality gives your enterprise the control it needs all while maintaining the agility to use the Dockerfile configuration method above.