Enterprise Class Features

Get a complete private PaaS that is fully supported.

Premium Support

The Xervo team is made up by some of the best and brightest developers in the world. They ensure your issues are resolved quickly and by an expert. Enjoy maximum performance with the best support in the industry.

Hybrid Data Center Support

Run your applications where it makes sense for you. Hosts can be run on-premises, in the cloud or a combination. Manage resources efficiently across multiple data centers with our hybrid product and make deployment a breeze. Use multiple infrastructure providers and run in multiple regions simultaneously.

Multi-Language Support

Build application in the technology of your choice without the worry of how operations is going to support it. The platform includes built-in containers for Node.js, PHP, and Java. However, adding a new technology is simple.

MongoDB Support

A completely managed MongoDB database can be run alongside your applications. Databases can be setup for multiple regions and infrastructure providers. Sharded and replicated databases are also available.

Simple Scaling

Scale your application effortlessly to meet changing demand. Application instances run on mini-servers called “Servos”. These can be dynamically added or removed at any time. Load balancing occurs automatically between them.

Advanced Load Balancing

Handle massive traffic using our custom load balancer. Traffic is routed to all available instances of your applications. Sticky sessions allow for load to be distributed to the same application instance everytime, sticky sessions can be disabled if wanted.

Multiple Deployment Tools

Deployment can be integrated in your development process through multiple mechanisms. Use the Xervo command line interface and simply run “xervo deploy” or use our web interface to push an application by uploading a zip file.

Application Performance Metrics

Be informed with real time data. Every request that enters your application is available in real time. Metrics are broken down by individual routes. You’ll be able to see which route is taking the longest, which is transferring the most bandwidth, and which is the most active. Make intelligent, real time decisions for your product.

Isolated Application Instances

Each application runs in its own isolated container maximizing security. Utilizing LXC, Xervo Enterprise Class keeps your application data safe with minimal resource overhead.

Fully Customizable

Configured to your specific needs. Have the right dependencies installed and ready for your application from the get go. Each application instance’s CPU and memory can be adjusted with a small configuration update.